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Earth pyramids

Out and about in Serfaus

A natural monument from the Ice Age

Discover the earth pyramids close to the Komperdellbahn valley station.

Enjoy the daily show of colours from 21.00 to 24.00. Get the best views
50 metres above Patschi.

See more earth pyramids on a journey in the Komperdellbahn and near Cervosa Alm.

The earth pyramids in Serfaus, which came about through sedimentation and weathering, really are a fascinating and rare example of the natural shaping of the earth’s surface. They are located at the western end of Serfaus, just above the valley station for the Komperdellbahn, between the trenches of the Hinterkreithbach and the Edelbach.

The lifespan of earth pyramids

The tallest earth pyramid in Serfaus does not have the usual stone slab top, rather, it has a root stock whose uppermost layer has a reddish hue. Beneath are thicker grey layers, which in turn lie upon a more solid formation. These columns and cones are made from moraine rubble. Moraines are collections of rock debris, shunted and carried along by glaciers.

An earth pyramid has a limited lifespan, after all, the collapse of the capstone will mean speedier erosion ensues. In 1996 Landeck district commission set about proceedings to convey conservation protection status to the Serfaus Earth Pyramids.

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