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Celtic tree astrology

Trees in Celtic mytholog

The Celtic tree

In Celtic culture, trees play a very special role. The Celts regarded them as sacred and healing properties were ascribed to them. According to old myths, the first people were awakened by the divine power of trees and the notion came about that every person had a specific connection to a certain tree. The attributes and powers inherent in the tree, were said to be reflected in the person too.

Living in harmony
with nature

According to Celtic mythology, every person is born in the sign of a specific tree. Thereby, unique attributes were conveyed to them. In this way the Celtic tree horoscope also reveals the lovely way in which people and nature can be in harmony with one another.

What your tree of life reveals about you

It is easy for you to find out which tree is ascribed to you in Celtic tree astrology too. In this mysticism, each tree is set within a specific time-frame in the year – find your own birth date in these periods!

  • Celtic tree mysticism stems from a culture that is over 2000 years old
  • People and nature are in direct harmony with one anothe
  • The powers and attributes of trees are reflected in people, who are born under the sign of the respective tree
  • Look for your date of birth and find ‘your’ tree!

Tree characteristics in Celtic
tree astrology

The „Blackthorn“ 28 March to 05 April & 26 September to 04 October

28 March to 05 April & 26 September to 04 October

The „Blackthorn“

The Blackthorn is a cautious person but is also very sociable and open. They are aware of the powers and strengths within them, but often are not in a position to see how to express or implement them. Hence the Blackthorn is fascinated by people who are very extrovert, who are able to do something special, or have accomplished something exceptional, in whatever guise – these seem to be the people they would like to be. For that reason the Blackthorn always knows someone, who knows someone, who knows how to do, or has done, something.

Generally the Blackthorn likes being surrounded by lots of people. They are good communicators, are curious and always ready to listen to other people’s problems. In such moments they reveal their true strengths, that of being a good listener, sympathetic and ready to help. Yet they have the courage to be clear and direct when it comes to voicing their opinions, even if this might be unpleasant for the other party. Thanks to their inquisitive way of looking at others, the Blackthorn has developed the skill of not only observing the strengths, but also weaknesses in their fellow human-beings. This makes them good advisers and intermediaries.

The „Hawthorn“ 10 March to 18 March & 8 September to 16 September

10 March to 18 March & 8 September to 16 September

The „Hawthorn“

The Hawthorn is a cheerful contemporary, who likes to communicate and feels a great need for harmony. They find it difficult to be alone and prefer to be the focus of attention. They have an incomparable way of coupling their own motives with good and well-meaning intentions for general situations, yet in the event of any doubt, this might be reason to resent them. Fundamentally, Hawthorns have learned to assert their own interests, while twisting others around their little finger. It is always astonishing what they achieve in this way.

It is important to the Hawthorn to be understood, since only then can they feel part of a community. They have a big heart and are happy when they are able to gather their loved ones around them, so they can shower them with affection. They are convinced that they have good intentions for everyone and with everything. The Hawthorn is actually a person who needs to be put in their place. When you speak clearly to them, they can be decidedly insightful. Then they reveal a tremendous willingness to learn from situations and make the best of them.

The „Elderberry“ 19 March to 27 March & 17 September to 25 September

19 March to 27 March & 17 September to 25 September

The „Elderberry“

The Elderberry is a good-natured person, however they also have a stubborn side. In interactions with people they are very cooperative and are often decidedly perspicacious and diplomatic, since they have a good insight into human nature. The Elderberry prefers to move in trusted circles. Typically they are family-oriented people who like having people gathered around them, who they know like them. Under such conditions they are quite prepared to put aside their own wishes if this might be of benefit to everyone else. In their trusted environment, the Elderberry prefers things to be just the way they like them. This behaviour can at times appear somewhat solitary. Often they need a bit of time to get to grips with new situations. For that reason, they are frequently quiet when they are somewhere unfamiliar to them, or in larger gatherings.

The Elderberry is generous and trustful. This can at times seem somewhat naive and can cause them to be taken advantage of. Yet if the Elderberry has the feeling of being cheated, their good nature can transform into genuine stubbornness and ignorance. The coldness the Elderberry exudes in such situations can have a very injurious effect, but it also shows they have limits. They react similarly if they feel unduly pushed or under pressure. The Elderberry will also not put up with injustice or misconduct towards others and their reactions, which are then frequently completely unfamiliar and surprising, will often be regarded as meddling, yet this provides the person concerned a feeling of being understood.

The „Scotch broom“ 06 April to 14 April & 05 October to 13 October

06 April to 14 April & 05 October to 13 October

The „Scotch broom“

The Scotch broom is a strong-willed person who also is also apt to always set goals they want to achieve. If the Scotch broom has found a goal to be right and proper, they are prepared to make every effort to achieve it. Unfortunately in such situations they develop such ambition that they can become deleterious to themselves and to their environment. They find it difficult to pursue and complete other tasks in life outside of their own goal. As long as there is movement in the Scotch broom’s life, they are relatively balanced and affable, yet stagnation always causes them to be unsatisfied. Then the otherwise open Scotch broom can become an unapproachable whinger.

Scotch brooms have difficulty articulating their needs, since they often confuse their willingness with what would really do them good. At the same time they frequently expect to be understood by their fellow human-beings, even without expressing something in concrete terms. This can easily lead to misunderstanding. Before the Scotch broom expresses a problem or endeavours to resolve conflict, they prefer to retreat, reproachfully and sulking. Yet they behave differently in problematic situations that concern one of their goals. Then the Scotch broom can be very forthright and vehement with regard to the matter and their point of view. Scotch brooms for the most part endeavour to be eager, honest and straightforward. As much as they like time in company, they like to be alone too.

The „Mountain ash“ 14 January to 22 January & 15 July to 23 July

14 January to 22 January & 15 July to 23 July

The „Mountain ash“

The Mountain ash is a person for whom values and conventions are important. They prefer to be in trusted and harmonious surroundings and do a great deal to create and maintain this. In order to give a structure to the chaos of life, the Mountain ash is also apt to accept rules and standards, and to set new ones, about which they often believe they have a universal applicability. This makes them appear somewhat conservative.

Dominant Mountain ash types endeavour to impose their aspirations, intentions and views on other people. Less dominant Mountain ashes in contrast frequently develop a great tendency to adapt, to meet the requirements and moral values of their environment. This is also evident in the fact that they avoid conflict situations and look for suitable opposites with similar preferences and inclinations.

Yet irrespective of the Mountain ash’s situation, they always have the problem of suffering from the contradictions between their own expectations and the realities of life. Since ultimately the Mountain ash rarely succeeds in satisfying their own needs. This can also cause them to either develop immense ambition, or sabotage themselves through chaotic behaviour. At the same time, the Mountain ash is also a good observer, with a keen sense for inconsistencies, contradictions or hidden problems. In such situations the Mountain ash also has a need to ensure order. They get to the heart of the matter, at times without even noticing. For all parties this behaviour is often healing, even if it initially causes dismay.

The „Birch“ 23 January to 31 January & 24 July to 02 August

23 January to 31 January & 24 July to 02 August

The „Birch“

The Birch is a seemingly austere type, who often gives the impression of getting along well everywhere and with everyone. Yet in actual fact, the Birch feels a great urge for freedom which continually prevents them from committing themselves or tying themselves down. A Birch can live anywhere without any problem, does not necessarily need one person they can rely upon and they know this too. This inner stability helps the Birch to maintain a great level of calm in situations that are not so pleasant and to look for rational options for conflict resolution.

Slumbering within the Birch is the contradiction between autonomous independence and co-responsible independence. Since they recognise their own unpredictability, they also assume their fellow human beings have this too. As a somewhat level-headed person who does not trust their emotions and prefers to hide them, they avoid situations that require spontaneous reactions. Only once they have conquered this timidity, the Birch emerges as a serious and challenging counterpart who frequently behaves in away which is completely contrary to the way they have been before – intense, sensitive, spontaneous and unpredictable, from gentle to aggressive – a bona fide firework.

The Birch is a reliable person who stands by their decisions and views, a person you can trust and who endeavours to assess in an objective and unbiased manner, little influenced by the opinions of others. When the Birch can be of help, they get to grips with the matter and provide any support, and they know this is appreciated too.

The „Crab apple“ 01 February to 10 February & 03 August to 11 August

01 February to 10 February & 03 August to 11 August

The „Crab apple“

The Crab apple is a somewhat stubborn contemporary, who, when one gets to know them, often distances themselves and behaves in an observant manner, at times being dismissive and arrogant too. In being distant, people either snub them from the outset, or find them very fascinating and interesting. Not many will forge a spontaneous friendship with a Crab apple. Only when one gets to know the Crab apple better, do they come out of their shell and reveal another side to themselves, so for the most part one then quickly re-thinks the picture one initially had of them. Then the Crab apple emerges as a person who is decidedly friendly and open, even if they initially still need a few external prompts to really show this.

The Crab apple is a cautious person who, before they get involved with someone, wants to be certain that the other person is deserved of their trust. After all, fundamentally at heart, they are a very trustful, at times even naive person, who in private realises their own nativity, hence can be quick to be on a state of alert.

If the Crab apple feels misunderstood, they pull back – offended, sulking and even angry and raging. Crab apples are very ambitious and always endeavour to get the best out of themselves, since they like to impress others and are dependent upon external affirmation. Yet in spite of their somewhat obstinate manner, ‘Wild Apples’ are very caring people who place a great deal of value on close relationships and looking after their friendships.

The „Scots heather“ 20 November to 28 November & 22 May to 30 May

20 November to 28 November & 22 May to 30 May

The „Scots heather“

The freedom-loving Scots heather, also known as ‘Broom heather’ is happy in company. For any kind of travel or hike, they look for allies. This is the reason why the Scots heather knows so many people, can also tell lots of stories, yet ultimately has very few close friends.

Within themselves, the Scots heather is a rover and always needs a certain amount of freedom and independence to feel good. Through their often variety-packed life and constant curiosity, the Scots heather has a rich abundance of knowledge and experience, without boasting about it. Scotch heathers frequently seem distracted and changeable and quite often develop a tendency towards disorder and chaos. Yet these are often only bridges so they are able to live out their need for freedom directly. They change their locations and points of view often, always in the hope that things might be otherwise easier or improve.

As friends they are good mates, on whom one can always rely upon, yet who, when they are there, are always ready to listen to other people’s problems, without giving much advice, or knowing better than everyone else. Instead, they are happy to give though-provoking insights, which often yield helpful trains of thought in their counterparts. The Scots heather loves movement and change in life, everything must keep moving. They find clingy, dependent people inhibiting. And even though one would not think it possible, they often forge close contact with their family and are frequently remarkably fond of children.

The „Dogwood“ 29 November to 07 December & 31 May to 08 June

29 November to 07 December & 31 May to 08 June

The „Dogwood“

The Dogwood is a real child of the sun, who keeps their cool. Even when times are hard, they astonish time and again with their optimism. They are a person of action, continually filled with a drive to be creative. They find it hard not to do things.

It is therefore hardly remarkable that the Dogwood’s maxim in life is: Let’s do it! And they do just that, and not just with regard to their own life, the same applies to relatives, friends and often enough also to a greater or lesser extent to complete strangers. If the Dogwood thinks they might be able to help, they pitch in and do as best they can.

As a general rule, Dogwood people are very predisposed to being practical. When they are aware of this ability, they are happy to apply it everywhere. They enjoy the feeling of being needed.

But they need to take care not to be worn out. Often they are the ones who, out of a pure feeling of duty, also feel obliged to take on unpleasant tasks that really drive them to their limits, and which may even overload them.

For the most part the Dogwood has lots of friends and acquaintances. Ultimately they are family people who enjoy gathering all their loved ones around them – to feel needed. They are very loving people who have never learned to say ‘No’.

The fundamental essence of the Dogwood is cheerfulness and optimism. In their thinking they are for the most part positive. Yet their need for harmony can also mean that they either say too little, or try to mediate in the wrong situations.

The „European spruce“ 08 December to 16 December & 09 June to 17 June

08 December to 16 December & 09 June to 17 June

The „European spruce“

In their essence, the European spruce is a somewhat thoughtful and judicious type, who for the most part needs a long time until they make up their mind to do something or make a decision. This makes the European spruce at times seem somewhat ponderous in the way they behave. Everything needs to be well thought-through and considered. Although they manage time and again to flabbergast themselves and their fellow human-beings through their spontaneous actions, which is in clear contrast to the way they usually behave.

In their measured approach, the European spruce often feels inhibited by themselves and are therefore particularly thankful when people within their inner circle make decisions for them, or point them in the direction they actually want to go. When the European spruce makes up their mind for once, they are definite in their actions and stick to their decisions.

European spruce are dreamers who need a lot of time for themselves, but only when it comes to talking about themselves and their feelings.

Stress and time pressure strain them to a certain extent, so they frequently avoid any such physical or mental challenges, or they seek a way out. For friends who provide them with support, this behaviour can at times be really quite tiresome and leave them shaking their heads in bewilderment. On many an occasion the European spruce is somewhat more stubborn than they are level-headed.

European spruce need steady contacts, in a familial or other stable context, who still give them plenty of leeway to try and live out their dreams.

The „Ash“ 17 December to 26 December & 18 June to 26 June

17 December to 26 December & 18 June to 26 June

The „Ash“

The Ash is an impressive sight, who can take up a great deal of room, when space permits. Through their natural modesty and clear-sightedness however, they are rarely aggressively space-consuming.

The Ash likes to communicate, yet mostly exercises restraint and only rises to speak when they are directly asked, or if they have the relevant expertise.

Ashes are ambitious, do a great deal of work and enjoy it. They often try to create the space they need to develop in their professional life. Then they are ready to get going and work diligently, quickly managing to create a position of indispensability without even realising this what they have consciously been striving for.

They are very open and interesting, and happy to identify with everything they do, thereby acquiring great knowledge.

In their dealings with other people, Ashes are friendly and reserved, at times they are somewhat unemotional, yet always endeavour to live in harmony with everyone.

They have no problem fitting into structures or groups and happily forge friendships, in which they provide a willingness to make their knowledge and initiative available where it is needed.

However, if it is not possible to create or maintain the requisite space for them to develop their potential, they can become discontent and obstinate, refuse to meet demands or even have a tendency to exhibit temper tantrums. Then they often retreat, become taciturn and intellectualise their situation.

The „Willow“ 27 December to 04 January & 27 June to 06 July

27 December to 04 January & 27 June to 06 July

The „Willow“

The Willow is a reserved person who prefers to be within fixed relationship structures, for instance with family, friends, groups of interest etc. Willow people can be really very serious. In their spare time they prefer to be busy with things that really interest them, give them great joy or challenge them.

In the main Willows are very realistic people who have a certain sobriety, coupled with a high degree of stoicism, which makes many things in life easy for them. Fundamentally Willows are modest, and they also think in a modest way. The Willow is always amazed at how so many other people complicate life.

Of course at times Willows are sad and frustrated, yet they for the most part sidestep such feelings, since they know exactly that situations are merely transient, and do not merit a great deal of attention. It can however be that they do not pay close attention, and therefore do not recognise, their own problems and difficulties.

The Willow’s friendly nature often makes them popular figures who people everywhere are happy to see. Willows fit in well in groups, are adaptable and flexible, yet forge only few close friendships, which are then often lifelong. Many are astonished when they get to know a Willow better at their subtle and trenchant humour.

Even though the Willow has few close friends, they are always very sought-after as guest speakers and ‘communicators’. They are good listeners and are able to give a great deal of advice that really does help.

The „Holly“ 05 January to 13 January & 06 July to 14 July

05 January to 13 January & 06 July to 14 July

The „Holly“

The Holly is a very sensitive and sentient being, who appears cool and reserved to the outside world. To a certain extent the Holly feels obliged to maintain a distance with their surroundings, so as not to get into a maelstrom of feelings and sensations. They fear being washed away by their own feelings.

It is therefore not any wonder that they are polite to others, but do not always seem welcoming. Those who know them better frequently find it difficult to remain calm and poised when faced with the Holly behaving in a relatively distant manner. This behaviour is frequently in huge contrast to the open and welcoming way they behave within their trusted circle.

Since the Holly always endeavours to control their feelings, they often have excellent intellectual or practical attributes, which means they are able to control themselves easier.

However total control is rare. It can be that all of a sudden the ‘real’, sensitive Holly will be standing in front of you, while on the other hand, this can lead to petulant reactions, that cannot really be pinned down.

The contradiction between sensitive perception, a natural sense of justice and the need to do as they please and maintain distance, means there is rarely a dull moment with a Holly. By their very nature they bring about action in life and all kinds of exceptional moments.

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