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A look behind the scenes

A look behind the scenes

What actually goes on in the background at the cable car stations and how do the cable cars work? This secret and much more besides, is revealed in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region. A guided tour through the snowcat workshop gives an impression of just how much time the staff spend working on the cable cars and just how skilful they are.

After a visit to the pump station and an insight into the snow-making technology, we head for some coffee and cake together, where there will of course be the chance to ask a few questions too.

Meet: Every Thursday
Adults € 18.00
Children € 12.00

Registration definitely required, at the cash-desks for Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis cable car.

Minimum number of participants: 5 people.
Maximum 20 people.

Baking Bread

Baking Bread in s'Paules and s'Seppls Haus

Traditional bread-baking in an old-style wood oven in
s’Paules and s’Seppls Haus.

Demonstrations and the opportunity to purchase bread afterwards take place every Thursday from 9.00 – 12.00 in Museum Fiss.

Entry: € 4,50

Guided Mountain tour to Laudegg Castle

Guided Mountain tour to Laudegg Castle

Built on a Roman watch tower and used by Tyrolean Counts as a court, there is so much to find out the castle.

Guided tours every Wednesday until 16.09.
9.00, 9.45, 10.30, 11.15

Entry: € 2,00
Children (under the age of 14) free

Gallery in Rechelerhaus

„Rechelerhaus“ is one of the oldest building in Ladis.

The town of Ladis (1200 above sea level) is situated on a sunny terrace in Oberes Gericht. In the old town centre a few houses are still adorned with some magnificent paintings. In sunny Ladis some 900 years ago, knights built the lofty Laudeck Castle on the foundation walls of a Roman watch tower and the first village-like structures developed. It has been shown that the foundation walls of Rechelerhaus also date back to this time. It also features unique frescoes dating from the 16th century. This building, in ‘Durchfahrtshaus’ style, with its ovens on the west facade is typical of construction methods used in Rhaeto-romanic ‘Haufendorf’ settlements.

Gallery in Rechelerhaus

The immense walls in the cellar area, the vaulted passageways and the rooms on the ground floor have for the most part been kept original. Documents show that the Grutsch family lived here from 1793; then, from 1887, the Heiseler family, more commonly known as Recheler, up until the devastating fire in the building in 1981. The building was renovated from 1988 to 1991 and today is one of the most significant secular buildings in Oberes Gericht, and one of the loveliest of its kind in all of Tyrol. In 1995 it was officially transferred to the state of Tyrol and the district of Ladis for public purposes.

Since that time, Rechelerhaus has fundamentally helped invigorate the centre of the village and has become one of the fixed greats on Tyrol’s cultural scene.

The exhibits contribute to the development of regional art in the 20th and 21st centuries.

More information available at www.kunku.at

Museum Fiss

s'Paules and s'Seppls Haus

s’Paules and s’Seppls Haus is among the last few unchanged witnesses of agricultural building culture in Tyrol’s Oberland and is one of the special features on the tourist-oriented sunny plateau.

The old chambers and business sections still retain their key elements, with the actual facilities – much like in earlier times – limited to the basic. In interviews, contemporary witnesses recall life in the building and in the village, about the hardship but also shared joy.

In the barn area, display boxes have been carefully constructed and are used for alternating special exhibits and for the traditional ‘Blochziehen’ event.

New from Summer 2014

“Fisser Museumstheater” „s’Leben amea“
(life as it used to be) is a pilot project. The audience are actively incorporated by the actors into what is happening in the theatre – and the activities are based on exhibits, all of which have their own past and stories to tell.

The actors from Fiss theatre group proceed through the rooms in ‘S’Paules und S’Seppls Haus’. Onlookers are addressed directly – since they are right there, in the thick of dramatic action; the actual inhabitants of this realistically set-up farm.

"s'Leben Amea" goes to a past world and presents everyday life for two farming families.

Opening hours:
In Summer (15 June – 15 October)
Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 15.00 – 17.00

Museum guided tours as per the weekly guide, or on enquiry (min. 10 people)

In Winter (15 December-15 April)
Tuesday and Thursday from 15.00 – 17.00

“s’Leben amea” dates as per the weekly guide,
special arrangements for groups of 15 or more are available on request

Riding Lessons

Happiness on this earth is sitting on the back of a horse

Riding lessons for beginners and those at an advanced level are available at Haflingergestüt Darrehof at the entrance to the town of Serfaus.

A panorama riding hall and outdoor area are available for lessons.

All information and registration available at
Tel.: +43/664/73869646.



Demonstrate your pool skills.

Play options are available in Serfaus in the George Bar, in Fiss, in Gasthaus Zum Weißen Lamm and in Ladis in Castellino, right at the Schlossweiher.

Children's Entertainment

Children's Entertainment

Every day from Sunday to Friday.
2 children’s clubs:
Murmli Club Serfaus
and Mini&Maxi Club Fiss-Ladis

A huge adventure play ground with animals, mountains, streams and forests, where there is something new to discover behind every rock, something probably every child wants. They get to meet so many new friends and have so much fun on exciting excursions, with great games and cool activities.

All this and much more is available in the children’s clubs in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Trained adventure instructors supervise children in four age-groups, which means an unforgettably wonderful experience is in store for every single child.

Free inclusive services with the
Super. Sommer. Card.

Supervised groups in the kids clubs.
• 3 – 4 years old: Minis
• 5 – 8 years old: Kids
• 9 – 11 years old: Juniors
• 12 years old+: Chillers

Infant supervision is available for those aged between 1 and 2 in Murmli crèche Serfaus.

Registration required by the day before.

Price: per hour € 12.00
1 day, excl. lunch € 66.00

Children's Cinema

Children's Cinema

Film showings take place daily from 9.30 to 16.00 in the panorama restaurant BergDiamant on the Schönjoch in Fiss.

Entry is free

Guided tours of the Village

Guided tours of the Village in Serfaus & Fiss

Step by step in search of Serfaus culture and history during a guided tour of the village, with community archivist Alfred Tschuggmall.

Every Wednesday at 15.00
Registration required in the information office by 12.00.

Price: Adults € 5.50. Children (up to the age of 15), free. Minimum participant number: 3

Step by step in search of Fiss culture and history during a guided tour of the village, with guided tour of the church in Fiss.

Every Monday at 10.00
Registration by 9.00 in Fiss information office.

The guided tour in Fiss is free.

Murmli's Mirror Maze

Murmli's Mirror Maze

Visit Murmli’s completely upside down world in the maze of mirrors at Komperdell intermediate station – Europe’s highest mirror labyrinth

Fun for all ages.

Who will find the right way through Murmli’s cave?

Daily from 9.30 to 16.00

Family € 9.50
Adults € 4.50
Children up to the age of 14 € 2.50
Children under the age of 3 – free



In the tennis hall at Wellnessresidenz Schalber you can demonstrate your ball skills. Registration in advance required.

A tennis trainer is available on site if necessary.

All information and registration available at
Tel.: +43/5476/6770.

Rafting and Canyoning

Lots of rain = Lots of water = Lots of fun!!

While rafting or canyoning there is no such thing as bad weather, after all, lots of rain means lots of water, which in turn means a whole lot of fun.

All information available at
www.h2o-adventure.at and www.whynot-tirol.com

Registration can also be done at the respective booking office in Fiss, at the valley station.

FMZ Kino Imst

Kino Imst

In FMZ shopping centre in Imst approx. 40 min drive away) there is a 6 screen cinema.

All information available at


Richtig Entspannen im
Urlaub in Tirol

500m² Wellness und Entspannung

Die großzügige Wellnessoase Ihres Hotels Universo erfüllt beinahe jeden Wunsch, den Sie in Hinblick auf Entspannung haben. Die Einrichtungen erstrecken sich über zwei Etagen mit insgesamt 500 m2 Fläche. Während Sie in unserer Schönheitsoase mit einer Vielzahl an sinnlichen und belebenden Behandlungen verwöhnt werden, finden Sie einen Stock tiefer den neuen allgemeinen Wellnessbereich.

Mehr erfahren

Wohlfühlen und Ausblühen im Hotel Universo

Weil die Haut der Spiegel der Seele ist, finden Sie in unserer Schönheitsoase alles, was Ihrer Seele gut tut. Unsere Heilmasseurin widmet sich ganz Ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen – immer mit dem Fokus auf Ihr ganzheitliches Wohlbefinden. Gönnen Sie sich diese besondere Zeit für Ihr „ICH“ und fühlen Sie sich nach der Behandlung wieder frisch und regeneriert.

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Energiemassagen mit Jasmin Peer

Mehr als eine Massage: Begeben Sie sich in die magischen Hände von Jasmin Peer–medizinische Heilmasseurin, weit gereist und ausgebildet bei erfahrenen Therapeuten auf der ganzen Welt. Ihr besonderes Gespür für die Bedürfnisse unserer Gäste ist erstaunlich. Intuitiv spürt sie Blockaden auf, löst sie mit kraftvollen Griffen und sorgt so dafür, dass die Energie wieder ungehindert fließen kann.

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Der Treffpunkt in Serfaus

Unsere Weinkapelle ist nicht nur für Einheimische, sondern auch für unsere Gäste ein beliebter und gemütlicher Treffpunkt mitten in Serfaus. In unserer Getränkekarte finden Sie neben vielen Köstlichkeiten ein breites Angebot an internationalen Flaschenweinen sowie 12 offenen Weine für glasweisen Genuss. Feine Speisen und kleine Snacks gibt es auch.

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